The Perfect Nude Palette for Under $10


There's nothing more satisfying than "hitting tin," as they say in internet parlance. Fully using up a beauty product is a perverse satisfaction and especially rare among eye palettes. But Maybelline's Nude Palette is one that will hit the spot 12 times. This iPhone-size eye palette contains varying shades of nude. While it might be tempting to think boring, this palette keeps things interesting with color variation and sparkly and shimmery textures. A cocoa brown gets a subtle gold shimmer, and the taupes in the palette have a warmth that makes them flattering for every eye color. The combinations for day to night and everything in between are endless, and since the shades are all brown-based, blending is a no-brainer. There's also no color in the palette that makes you think Why would I need that?, which is why to me, it's perfect. 

Maybelline the Expert Wear Palette, $9.99 at Ulta.