The Red-Wine Serum That Makes Pores Look Tiny


Pores don't decrease in size. They just don't! And suggesting that they do is the biggest Santa Claus–size myth of the beauty industry. But there's hope: Pore size is determined by genetics, and you can diminish the appearance (the fine print) of pores. A serum called 29 Secret of the Vine may restore some of your faith for mankind, at least as it relates to beauty. 

It contains olive extract, sea extracts, and resveratrol — an antioxidant found in red wine that is said to have anti-aging effects. If you haven't yet incorporated a serum into your daytime skin-care routine, this is a good one to try. It has the texture of a moisturizer, is light and unsticky, and quickly absorbs into the skin. The first time I put this on, I thought my smooth pores were an optical illusion. The second time, I thought the results were another fluke. And now, with the third time and umpteenth application, I'm sure there's something happening. My skin looks smoother and remains moisturized the whole day, and my pores look smaller — even if it is just an optical illusion. 

29 Secret of the Vine Serum, $24 at