The Scent That Makes You Go Mmm

Photo: Courtesy of Jo Malone London

At the serious scent-testing laboratory that is the Cut, there have been a few perfumes that have inspired deep, lung-bursting, inhales. One of them is Tuberose Angelica, a new scent from Jo Malone's Cologne Intensif collection. "Mmmm," was the collective Cut consensus. "Hmmm, I actually like this one," said the Cut's editorial director, Stella Bugbee.

Compared to Jo Malone's typical scents, the Cologne Intensif fragrances are richer, with a more intense sillage that the brand created for its Middle East customers. The Tuberose Angelica is its white floral, the Jo Malone answer to Fracas, with a strong heart of tuberose. Perfumers consider tuberose to be one of the rawest smells, with some saying that its indolic notes conjure a postcoitus scent (much to the chagrin of unaware grandmas who have made the tuberose-heavy Fracas their signature fragrance). You wish the person you had sex with smelled like this. In addition to the warm tuberose, there's also a rich amber base followed by the slight green note of angelica. Consider this to be a de-mustified, light-filled version of Fracas and just the scent to make you or your partner go "mmmm" this summer.