Taylor Swift’s Friendship Is Tough Love


Pop-singing lamb Ellie Goulding recently spoke about the joys of having friends whose problems are worse than your problems. She cites Taylor Swift and Katy Perry as two good candidates, if you're able to get in contact with them. Goulding told Glamour

We're friends because they understand the predicaments. They see what is and isn't real. I'm not anywhere near their level of fame, but if I say, 'Oh God, Taylor, this happened,' she'll be like, 'Girl, that's nothing.' Suck it up, kind of thing! I have strong female characters all around me, really cool women. My tour manager is a woman, my manager is a woman. I want to be surrounded by powerful women, not men.

Praise that friend who kindly tells you that your drama is not really drama. Sometimes it's nice to be one-upped in the complaints department.