Vintage Kisses: Glorious Photos of Famous Mouths


Lips have long been the source of fascination: Kissing has continued to elude scientists, other studies suggest a correlation between lip shape and ease of orgasm, and lipstick trends go back all the way to the ancient Sumerians — who decorated their lips with crushed gemstones for special occasions. This month, a new book by Alice Harris, Blow Me a Kiss, celebrates our cultural obsession with lips — tracing the most iconic mouths in art from the past century. 

Photo: Ormond Gigli

Going as far back as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Marcella (1909), the book spans everything from Andy Warhol’s 1982 Self Portrait in Drag to a close-up of Lana Del Rey with a bumble bee perched delicately on her upper lip — including shots of everyone you’d expect (Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor) and a few you wouldn’t (Lindsay Lohan). Click through the slideshow for a first look, including Cindy Crawford, Solange, Barbara Mullen, and more.