Vintage Kisses: Glorious Photos of Famous Mouths


Lips have long been the source of fascination: Kissing has continued to elude scientists, other studies suggest a correlation between lip shape and ease of orgasm, and lipstick trends go back all the way to the ancient Sumerians — who decorated their lips with crushed gemstones for special occasions. This month, a new book by Alice Harris, Blow Me a Kiss, celebrates our cultural obsession with lips — tracing the most iconic mouths in art from the past century. 

Going as far back as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Marcella (1909), the book spans everything from Andy Warhol’s 1982 Self Portrait in Drag to a close-up of Lana Del Rey with a bumble bee perched delicately on her upper lip — including shots of everyone you’d expect (Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor) and a few you wouldn’t (Lindsay Lohan). Click through the slideshow for a first look, including Cindy Crawford, Solange, Barbara Mullen, and more.