Why Is Online Shopping So Mind-Numbing?


We may be used to scrolling through pages and pages of dresses, but online shopping can be a pretty absurd (and mind-numbing) thing. A funny new video, "Thirsty," by Katherine Bernard — a writer for Dazed, The Wall Street Journal, and Vogue — addresses our constant hunger for things. In it, two women talk on the phone while mindlessly combing through online shopping sites — recommending ridiculously named pieces of boyfriend denim to each other. The film pokes fun at the completely strange semantics of fashion language — epic failles abound — and points out the irony of ubiquitous terms like boyfriend or boy used to sell women's garments. Also prevalent: the personification of dresses named after ladies, like the "Cameron," the "Jenny," and the "Carrie." Watch the video below —  it'll make you think twice about shopping online.