The Best Photos of Blue Ivy Carter at the VMAs


There’s only one person who could even come close to overshadowing Beyoncé’s epic, empowering VMAs performance last night — and that person is Blue Ivy just being Blue Ivy. Last night was the most she's shown her face in public since her 2011 (in-utero) appearance during Beyoncé’s VMAs performance of "Love on Top" — and she sat on Jay Z's lap, dolled up in a gold Bonpoint dress, bobbing along dutifully during her mother's performance. 

We’ve pulled together all the photos from Blue’s VMAs act, while she was singing, dancing, doing “Flawless” hands, and eventually taking the stage to greet her subjects. Click through this lethally cute slideshow of the moments that made Blue Ivy the other greatest living performer at the VMAs last night.