A French Face Mask That Feels Like a Second Skin


Just as there is a technology arms-race to create the thinnest smartphone, there's an unofficial beauty-race to create the thinnest face mask. The current front-runner is Talika, with masks made out of a bio-cellulose, plant-based substance that's four times thinner than traditional paper masks. It sticks to your face like a second skin — I initially put the mask's packaging on my face thinking that was the mask and thought, Hmm, pretty good. Then I realized that the impossibly thin, continually cold gel-like material underneath was the actual mask. Each mask (there are three types; for hydrating, purifying, and anti-aging) contains a mixture of bio-enzymes and is left on the skin for 20 to 30 minutes. As with all masks, I looked terrifying wearing it, but wearing a second skin never felt so good.

Talika Bio-Enzyme Brightening Mask, $15.80 at BeautyBay.com