Gap Just Wants You to ‘Dress Normal,’ Okay?


"Dress like no one’s watching." "Let your actions speak louder than your clothes.” These are the directives Gap will be giving this fall as part of its Dress Normal campaign, according to BuzzFeed. The ads feature Zosia Mamet, Anjelica Huston, Elisabeth Moss, and Michael K. Williams sporting said "normal" attire — which, based on preview images, consists of white button-downs and black jackets. “When you’re dressing normal, you’re really your truest and most confident and authentic self,” Seth Farbman, Gap's chief marketing officer, told the site. Between this and W's take on haute normcore, a.k.a. "Banal Plus," our heads are starting to spin. Doesn't anyone want to look weird anymore? Let's get #DressWeird trending.