Hermès Bandit Bandanas: For the Stylish Cowgirl


Hermès silk scarves are legendary: At this point, they're an uncontested classic, both in fashion and in pop culture. So imagine our surprise upon learning that the house would be releasing, for the first time, little bandana squares (55 cm to be exact) in 23 colorful options. Each monocromatic scarf mixes equestrian Western elements with Hermès playfulness. Little stars, spurs, and lassos abound in graphic tableaus; there's even some obligatory French spelled out in rope (les canyons étoiles — the starry canyons!). And at $195, it's a smart price for something so versatile — wear it bandit style, tied to a handbag strap, or tucked in a jean pocket. As with all scarves, the possibilities are endless. Click on to see our favorites.