How to Master the Nonchalant T-Shirt-Tuck

Next time you throw a long T-shirt over jeans, try something more understated than the old half-tuck — try twisting the T-shirt for a cool but not trying-too-hard look. Here, the secret to a "twist-tuck," in one easy GIF: 

Step 1:  Find a tee and a pair of jeans. The T-shirt should be long enough so that about one to two inches graze past the belt loop of your jeans. Let the hem of the shirt fall naturally around the waist of the jeans.

Step 2: Take your index finger and place it in the middle of your shirt's hemline. Twist the hem around your finger and once you've twisted twice around, tuck your finger and the twisted shirt fabric quickly under the waistband. And, voilà!