How to Smell Like Sweet Pistachio Ice Cream

Photo: Courtesy photo

The way people feel about vanilla is the way I feel about pistachio ice cream. I love the scent of artificial, supposedly pistachio-flavored muffins from supermarkets. My mom's favorite ice-cream flavor is pistachio. And it seems that Demeter CEO Mark Crames shares my sentiments, having bottled his favorite flavor into a scent.

It's a little unusual, but Demeter's Pistachio Ice Cream smells like vanilla with a hint of sweet nuttiness. Worn on its own, it would probably only elicit compliments from people who take deep sniffs of pistachio-ice-cream cartons. But worn layered with a musky or grassy scent, the sweetness of the fragrance becomes something less cloying and more nostalgic. A full-bodied perfume it is not (Demeter's scents specialize only in top notes). Maybe it's only for nuts, but sometimes you feel like a nut; other times, you might want to smell like one.