One Day, Emoji Will Be the Only Language Left

Photo: Getty Images, Shutterstock

Making sentences with words is hard. Fast Company highlights two new apps, Emojicate and the soon-to-be-released Emojili, which seek to solve the problem by allowing users to engage in emoji-only communication. No longer will literacy, spelling, or words be of concern: So long as we are fluent in emoji, we can just use our pictographs! 

The push toward emoji fluency means that one day, we might have to start using them in their literal sense. And that's just sad. The beauty of emoji is in the subtle differences in interpretation, the hint of feels behind their usage — my two dancing girls might mean "let's dance in joy together!" while another's might mean "let's hit the club." In the future, the dancing girl will probably just translate to I'm attending the dance recital of two white girls wearing black leotards, and the eggplant will only be used in a conversation about ratatouille.