There Is Now a Set of Lesbian-Specific Emoji

Photo: Courtesy of Kimberly Linn

Designer Kimberly Linn has created a new set of clever emoji with lesbians in mind. The set of icons moves beyond the old "Two Women Holding Hands" and offers a set of stereotypical Sapphic icons like a fish taco, Home Depot, a Tegan and Sara album, and a U-haul truck (i.e. Lesbian Date No. 2).

Sadly, there are no plans for these to become actual, usable emoji, but you can see all of them on her Instagram account @LesbianEmojis — and soon they'll be available as prints, Linn tells the Huffington Post. In the meantime, we're already petitioning for the Unicode Consortium to incorporate the "turkey baster baby-maker" emoji ASAP.