There’s a New App That Just Sells Black V-necks

Photo: Jacob Kepler/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Apparently, black V-necks are all you need, not — as previously reported — love. A new start-up called, what else, BlackV Club, which is still in beta, promises to sell you "Only Black V-necks," in the mold of Zuckerberg, Brin, and Biz Stone, pictured above. Co-founder Edward Lando told Quartz that he'd like the company to be "the Oprah's Book Club of fashion." (But, you know, with black V-necks.) The company hasn't actually hit on the Platonic black V-neck yet (remember, beta) but they do have a tagline: "The world's most successful people don't spend time choosing what to wear. Neither should you." Do these magical T-shirts come with an attached mike and a ticket to Disrupt?