These Nikes Are Nuts, in a Good Way


I always want to groan whenever a fashion editorial calls a fashion item "a conversation starter." Mainly because I want to think women have other things to talk about besides their earrings. So instead let's call these Nike Blazer Mids "icebreakers" — not because they look like some advanced form of breath-saving gum, but because if you wear them people you don't know will stop you more often than a supermodel with a golden-retriever puppy.

After recently purchasing a pair of similarly metallic Nikes, I can attest, people will be unable to resist comment. Old people will say, "Oh my, those are something!" Cute sneaker-head kids will ask you where you bought them. Instagram will like them hard. Okay, so this might not be the kind of attention you seek, but it's a really fun social experiment. Bonus, these are street-style gold, and Fashion Week is coming up. (OMG FASSSSHION WEEEEEK IS COMING UP.)

On sale online and at select retailers tomorrow.