Zara Pulls Offensive T-shirt After Complaints


"What were the designers thinking?" "Complete fashion fail." Those were just some of the outraged Twitter reactions to a striped children's shirt being sold by Zara that bears a yellow star, evocative of those that Jewish people were forced to wear under Nazi occupation. While the Sheriff Shirt is supposedly Western-inspired, one Twitter wit pointed out, "In what Western film does a sheriff wear a striped pyjama shirt with a yellow star?" The New York Times' Bits blog reports that Inditex, which owns Zara, has pulled the shirt from its stores; the company has also issued Twitter apologies in multiple languages. It's not the first controversy of its kind — Urban Outfitters faced similar criticism two years ago for selling a shirt by the Danish label Wood Wood, and Zara itself came under fire in 2007 for selling a bag printed with swastikas, which they also pulled after an outcry. Seriously, are there no other design motifs out there?