Cool, Functional Work Bags for Under $400


When it comes to buying a new bag, there's no one purse more essential than the one you carry to work every day. Not only does it have to carry your wallet, keys, and phone — but you'll probably also want to squish in an e-reader, makeup bag, and lunch, too. Plus, on top of that, you want it to look stylish, professional, and cool if you go straight to drinks at the end of the day. You could drop a lot on an investment bag, but before you do so, check out our picks for ones under $400. They're roomy, sophisticated, and just as fantastic as that luxury version you've been saving up for. 

From J.Crew's ultraclean and modern white hobo to Zara's lush forest-green take on the bucket bag, click ahead to see all of the ways to up your everyday bag game.