News del Giorno: Gay-Marriage Battle in Bologna; Berlusconi Divorce ‘Discount’

Photo: YinYang/Getty Images

Gay marriage is not yet legal in Italy, but yesterday the Municipality of Bologna registered a gay union celebrated abroad. The issue is now a power struggle between the mayor, who signed the act, and the prefect, who opposes it, citing formal irregularities. [Il Fatto Quotidiano]

Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi got a 36 million euro “discount” from the whopping divorce settlement with ex-wife Veronica Lario. [Huffington Post]

A man in Ascoli Piceno has been arrested for the shooting and killing of two migrant workers who were former employees of his. The two men had previously filed a lawsuit against him concerning wages. He claims self-defense. [Ansa]

One of the few areas of growth in the Italian economy? Small enterprises run by immigrants. The most active communities are Moroccan and Chinese, who work mainly in construction, textile manufacturing, and communication services. [Local]