News del Giorno: Grapes on the Wane, Self-Injury via Selfie

Photo: Alessandro Penso/OnOff Picture/Getty Images

Not-so-good news for oenophiles: according to Coldiretti, Italy’s largest agricultural association, the 2014 grape harvest is slated to be the poorest since 1950, which means wine production could drop up to 41 million hectoliters. [AGI]

In yet another selfie attempt gone awry, a teen celebrating his 18th birthday is in critical condition after falling five meters and hitting his head while attempting to snap the perfect shot of himself in front of the Colosseum. [Ansa]

In an effort to protest her tenant’s overdue rent, a 60-year-old landlady chained herself to the entrance hall of his workplace in Genoa. [Ansa]

Following a magnitude-4 earthquake on Sunday between Modena and Pistoia, a 3.1 earthquake shook the town of Frignano Monday afternoon while another magnitude-3 quake struck Abruzzo in the evening. Tremors were felt as far south as Sicily. [Corriere della Sera]  

The latest dire economic indicator: More than 140,000 Italians have submitted their CVs for one of only 4,000 job openings tied to Milan’s 2015 World Expo. [La Repubblica