News del Giorno: Steroid Scandal, Inspector Montalbano Moving?

Photo: Fabrizio di Giulio

Four famous Italian body builders have been arrested in a steroids probe as part of a 34-raid sweep of various Italian cities. The athletes are believed to have been “maestros” involved in trafficking. [Ansa]

Producers of the hit television series Inspector Montalbano, a show that’s practically synonymous with Sicily, threaten to move production to the mainland because of lack of support from the regional Sicilian government. [Telegraph]

A high-school math teacher has been arrested in a “sex for grades” scandal in which he has been accused of raping, harassing, and threatening a dozen female students, one of whom he blackmailed by saying he would out her as a lesbian to her parents. [The Local]

After more than 20 years of planning and protesting, Matteo Renzi has confirmed that his government will move forward with the highly controversial TAV rail project, a high-speed train set to connect Turin to Lyon in under two hours. [La Stampa]