News del Giorno: Miss Italia 2014, Renzi Up in Polls

Photo: Luca Zanon/Corbis

Twenty-year-old Clarissa Marchese has been crowned Miss Italia 2014, marking the third consecutive year the winning pageant queen hails from Sicily. Marchese studies speech therapy in Parma and “enjoys working with kids.” [La Stampa]

It’s the first day of school in the majority of the Italian regions. Education Minister Stefania Giannini tweeted good luck to all the students, taking the chance to promote the site the Good School, dedicated to education reforms promoted by the government. [Ansa]

Yet another Mediterranean Sea tragedy: A migrant boat that set out from Libya sunk while trying to reach the Italian coast. Of more than 200 migrants, only 26 have been saved by the maritime authorities. [Telegraph UK]

Seven whales spotted in the Croatian Sea a few days ago have been mysteriously stranded in a natural reserve beach in Vasto, a town on the Adriatic Sea. Three have unfortunately died while rescuers assisted and released the others. [Local]

Italians are apparently quite fond of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi: A survey shows his popularity is still over 50 percent, while other Ministers in his government are earning less flattering results. [Il Corriere della Sera]