News del Giorno: Il Liga in New York, Riace Bronzes on the Move?

Photo: Vincenzo Pinto/AFP/Getty Images

A scientific committee is evaluating whether to move the Riace Bronzes from Calabria up north in order to be temporarily placed in Milan for the International Expo. Will the giant statues be able to sustain the trip? [Italy Magazine]

Eni (National Authority for Energy) Chief Executive Claudio Descalzi is under investigation for a $190 million bribe to an intermediary linked to a Nigerian Oil minister for extractions that occurred in 2011. [Times Live]

One of Italy's brightest rock stars Ligabue, a.k.a. “Il Liga,” lands in America this October to play his first ever shows in New York, San Francisco, and Miami. Look out for him in New York at Terminal 5. [Life in Italy]

Celebrities such as Toni Servillo of the Oscar-winning La Grande Bellezza and Gomorrah writer Roberto Saviano are pleading to Matteo Renzi to stop "Join straight fighter," an initiative that calls for Italy to lay out 14 billion euro for war-equipment spending. [Il Corriere della Sera]