News del Giorno: School Reform in Udine; ‘No, You Can’t’ From Renzi

Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images

A primary school in Udine with 90 percent foreign students has become a "scuola in movimento" (moving school) in an attempt to appeal to more Italian families. Kids will do some sort of daily physical activity, while some classes will be taught unconventionally (e.g., math is now located in the gym). [Corriere della Sera]

The acclaimed anti-mafia writer Roberto Saviano, author of international best-seller Gomorra, is pushing for marijuana legalization as a means to drastically reduce one of the mafia's main business areas. [L’Espresso]

Just 58.7 percent of Italians use the internet, which gives it a ranking of 64 in the world, according to a Broadband Commission for Digital Development report. Countries ahead of Italy include Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Azerbaijan. [The Local]

Andrea Della Puppa, an official of Italy’s right-wing Northern League, is under a racism investigation for images and language posted on his Facebook page, including an inappropriate reference to Cécile Kyenge, Italy's first black public minister. [Huffington Post Italia]

"No, you can’t” are the words Prime Minister Renzi used in reference to Italy’s current cultural climate during a speech in San Francisco to a group of 150 Italian entrepreneurial businessmen, stating the country needs a “violent” reform and an open mind to reach a promising future. [Corriere della Sera]