News del Giorno: Video Art Ruffles Feathers; Communion for Divorcées?

Photo: Art on File/Corbis

Pope Francis has gotten five cardinals up in arms by merely considering the idea of opening up communion to divorced Catholics. [Huffington Post Italia]

Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MACRO) caused a stir when it projected a video-art piece titled Happy Moms, which featured close-up shots of vulvas, onto the walls of a nearby building. The neighbors called the police, as you do. [La Repubblica]

Rome’s Mayor Ignazio Marino says Bologna’s formal recognition of a gay marriage — the first ever in Italy — is long overdue, although the Bologna Archdiocese calls it a “sneak attack.” [Ansa]

Holy contraband: Two Italian men were arrested in France after allegedly using a Vatican car to sneak cocaine and cannabis into France. [World Bulletin]