News del Giorno: Virgin Mary Barbie; First Vatican Sex-Abuse Trial

Photo: Pool&Marianella/Facebook

Pope Francis makes history after approving the arrest of a former Polish archbishop for child abuse. Józef Wesolowski, a former Vatican ambassador for the Dominican Republic, will be tried for allegedly paying for sex with children in the first sex-abuse trial ever held in Vatican City. [Ansa]

The Bishop’s Agency condemns an Argentinian artist who created a Barbie doll dressed as the Virgin Mary for an exhibit titled "Barbie: The Plastic Religion," opening in Buenos Aires on October 11. [La Repubblica]

Seventeen billion euro in fake bills has been found near Caserta, a province close to Naples, and a resident with no criminal record has been arrested. Apparently, the perfectly reproduced notes were ready to be spent. [Agi]

The 17th annual Cous Cous Fest, where "Mediterranean flavors come together," kicked off yesterday in Sicily. The festivities, which include competitions, cooking demonstrations, and panels, run through September 28. [Il Fatto Quotidiano]