Tavi Doesn’t Have Fashion Week FOMO

Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson has been enjoying access to exclusive Fashion Week events since she first caught the eye of the fashion world as a tween style blogger. But she hasn't been making the rounds this week since she's been busy prepping for her Broadway debut in Kenneth Lonergan's This Is Our Youth. When the Cut caught up with her last night after the show's opening performance, she revealed that she had zero pangs of remorse about forgoing the annual extravaganza.

“I feel like when you are doing something that you’re happy with, even if it’s like staying at home and reading a book, you don’t have FOMO," she explained. "You can fight it off pretty easily." Gevinson admitted that she hadn't been following Fashion Week from afar; in fact, she hadn't even been thinking about it: "Things don't have to exist unless you let them into your bubble." And so the fashion wunderkind has turned her attention elsewhere. At least for now.