Watch Crazy Scenesters Describe Their Outfits


Last night under the bright lights and pounding music of Webster Hall, VFiles presented their latest batch of selected emerging designers. Labels like Tigran from Moscow, ZDDZ from London, and New York–based denim label Hamm were among the lucky ones to present to the appreciative downtown crowd. Everyone was dressed in true VFiles fashion as SpongeBob bandanas danced side by side with Day-Glo hair and neon jean jackets. Where else would you ask "What are you wearing?" only to receive as an answer: "I'm wearing head-to-toe latex ... and lube. Lots of lube under and over." Unlike most fashion events, everyone was excited to be there and the enthusiasm for the event spilled over not only to the designers and stylists at the event but also to the interns, who gleefully proclaimed they were paid with "happiness." Click to experience the psychedelic madness in all of its dizzying glory.  

See the full VFiles show here