Watch Sweaty Gisele Kung-Fu Kick

Photo: Courtesy of Under Armour

Activewear brand Under Armour knew that selecting Gisele Bündchen as its new "I Will What I Want" spokesperson was bound to cause some controversy. Bündchen is the first non-athlete among the brand's spokespeople, which includes Misty Copeland and Lindsey Vonn. Bündchen is also the world's biggest-deal fashion model; some critics may see that as being at odds with a performance sportswear label. Thus, Under Armour prepared to receive criticism for its latest spot. In it, the model punches and kung-fu kicks a hanging sandbag as comments from "haters" flash behind her. The deeper the insults, the faster Bündchen jabs. As Leanne Fremar, Under Armour's SVP and creative director of its women's division, explains, "We are expecting that there will be people that question the authenticity of our choice and the authenticity of women’s choices. All of that commentary will be there for the audience to see in real time." But given Bündchen's abs and her understanding of the importance of Super Bowl teamwork, was there really any doubt about her being a model athlete