Another Way to Get Whiter Eyeballs


Lately, the only thing I've seen when I look in the mirror is rabbit eyes. Not the wide eyes of a cuddly bunny, but bloodshot eyes, reminiscent of rabbits'. (And I'd know what red, rabbit eyes look like: Bunnies have become the dog precursor among my friends.) My red eyes are due to dryness and contact-lens overuse, but for whatever reason your eyes may be red, here's an additional way to whiten your eyeballs: Visine-A Allergy Relief. Regular Visine never seemed to work for me, but this version is hypercharged with a stronger dose of redness reliever and an anti-histamine. It makes my eyes look less puffy and red and immediately better. Although the redness relieving doesn't last longer than a few hours and that old makeup-artist trick of dabbing this on blemishes still appears to be an old beauty myth, the drops irritate the eyes less than most others and make them look clearer and brighter instantly. 

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