Cara Delevingne’s DKNY Collection Is Finally Out


Delevingniacs — can we just coin that term now? — have likely been counting down the days until Cara Delevingne's DKNY collaboration, announced back in June, finally launches. Cara put out an open call for models on Instagram, like the kids do these days, and now those same faces are included, along with Delevingne's herself, in the campaign. As for the 15-piece collection, you'll find brow-obscuring beanies, hoodies perfect for flipping off a paparazzo, and even a couple of T-shirts bearing the supermodel's image and slogans like "Get Your Brow On," all available on the brand's website, Net-a-Porter, and Shopbop. No pizza onesies, ski masks, or prostate-cancer-awareness-raising foam fingers are in evidence, though, so you're on your own with those.