How to Get Justice for Your Leaked Nudes

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Not everyone has fancy lawyers and the FBI at her disposal when her nude photographs are stolen and published, as "fappening" victims Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton do. For the rest of us, there's Leaked Leakers, an "in-progress database of abusers who steal and publicize women's nude photos sent to them in confidence in order to humiliate and threaten them." Can't prove he did it? Doesn't matter. In the Tumblr court of Leaked Leakers, it's guilty until proven innocent. "The courts and the rest of the world is a place where we distrust women, and that is why this space needs to exist," writes its anonymous founder. "In the event that someone comes to us and says they didn’t post someone’s private nude photos, the onus will be on them to provide receipts and references to prove that they did not do it. If we review the facts brought to us and discover that someone submitted them as a form of defamation or slander we will take the post down." So far, only two leakers have been posted, but their faces are both pretty much seared in my mind.