News del Giorno: Cuts for Parlimentary Barbers; Vatican Parchment Upset

Photo: Antonio Diaz/Getty Images

Italy has set new limits on the parliamentary barbers' salaries, cutting their annual maximum earnings to 99,000 euros. [BBC]

The Vatican has decided to start creating papal blessing parchments themselves, angering many nearby shop and calligraphy studio owners who have been producing the benedictions for decades. [NYT]

Rome mayor Ignazio Marino commented that the vitality displayed by the Rolling Stones in a recent local concert makes it difficult to claim that drugs are bad, angering many. [Telegraph UK]

Domenica Cemortan, ex-lover of Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino, said the notorious “Captain Coward” had originally planned to evacuate the sinking ship by helicopter, leading select crew members to the top deck while his passengers scrambled for their lives on the lower ones. [International Business Times]

7,300 Italian high school students are heading abroad to study English in long-term study-abroad programs, a 55 percent increase from just three years ago. [Ansa]