A Pencil to Magically Spruce Up Your Brows


Let's face it: Unless you're born with them, Cara Delevingne or Brooke Shields brows are not in your future. Brows don't go through spontaneous, pubertylike growth spurts. End of story. But you don't need to be Madame Cleo to envision a life with better brows. In the past few weeks, Tom Ford's Brow Sculptor has been my new favorite beauty product. It's a streamlined pencil with a softly angled, rectangular tip. You can wield the pointy bits of the tip to draw precise "hairs" — or use the wide angle to quickly draw on and extend the length of your brows.

The pencil is soft enough to draw on easily but firm enough for the less delicate skin above your eyes. It draws like your favorite pencil from art class. And the other end of the pencil holds an artfully contained, spool-y brush to comb through your brows. And happy news for brunettes: It comes in three different shades of brown (Chestnut, Espresso, and Taupe) and blonde. 

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, $44 at Nordstrom.