There’s an eHarmony Just for Stoners

Photo: my420mate/Facebook

Niche dating sites like Christian Mingle, Amish Online Dating, or Mullet Passions make perfect sense: Why cast your net in a big ocean full of fish who don’t share your interests when you can stick to a small pond stocked with trout that share your Star Trek obsession or love of Ayn Rand? And now, those who embrace a cannabis-friendly lifestyle have their own fishing hole., the eHarmony for stoners (I thought that was OKCupid — but, moving on), offers pot-lovers a way to find a mate who won’t judge their love of smokin’, tokin’, and so forth. And don’t worry: The site claims to use actual personality compatibility tests to make their matches. Because love of the bong isn’t enough if you’re a ENFP trying to date an ISTP.