Under the Tuscan Sun Is a Normcore Mood Board


If you are a woman of a certain age who maybe just streamed Something's Gotta Give or A Room With a View in the past month or so, Netflix has probably suggested you watch Under the Tuscan Sun. I am an Italophile with a deep love of low-stakes rom-coms, so it was an easy sell for me. The proto-Eat Pray Love (it came out in 2003) follows Frances, a recently divorced novelist (played by Diane Lane) whose two lesbian best friends (Kate Walsh and Sandra Oh) send her on a healing trip to Tuscany, where she ultimately decides to buy and renovate a crumbling villa. It is a true trifle of a film, but saved by several things: the Tuscany porn (rolling hills, olive groves, sunflower fields, eccentric old Italian ladies, strapping young Italian men), Diane Lane's winning performance, and Diane Lane's normcore-fabulous wardrobe. The movie is a sea of chunky knits, white crewneck tees, loose-fitting blouses, boxy peacoats, fashion scarves, and flow-y linen pants. In other words, exactly how I want to dress always and forever. Click the slideshow for a tour through Diane Lane's most memorable unmemorable looks.