Charlie Hunnam’s Naked Torso Gets a Vogue Spread

Photo: VOGUE/Bruce Weber

The guy who almost starred in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie landed a sexy yet confusing spread in the December issue of Vogue. But really, what's going on here? He's pictured astride a vintage motorcycle (he's on a show about motorcycles, so okay) and locked in a tender threesome with a Brazilian model and beautiful mixed-breed puppy. Some questions based on the visual cues: Have they all time traveled to the '70s? Is he a rebel lover? Is the dog jealous of the human? Is the model jealous of the dog? What is Charlie thinking about — the dog, the model, or the bike? Nothing makes sense, but hey, he's shirtless, so congratulations to the torso attached to Charlie Hunnam!

Photo: VOGUE/Annie Leibovitz