Deluxe Lip Balm for Rosy, Moisturized Lips


In preparation for the arctic freeze, I've been stockpiling lip balms in a beauty bunker. I'm only up to four so far, but this new one, from Burberry Beauty's summer collection, just seems right. It feels expensive, with a smooth, un-waxy mix of lavender, rose hip, and camellia oil. And it looks great, too, with a sheer wash of color (available colors are Pink Peony and Orange Poppy). One swipe of the balm makes your lips look fresh and more alive, and additional coats just enrich the color. And it feels nothing like having plaid on your lips (though the slight plaid pattern is engraved on the side of the case).

Burberry Beauty Lip Glow Balm, $28 at Net-a-Porter.