Ghesquière Would Be Up for Founding His Own Line

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/2014 Getty Images

Nicolas Ghesquière's week of pontificating in interviews continues. The designer told WSJ, which honored him as one of their Innovators, that he'd consider launching his own line, saying, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to do it." That doesn't mean he's planning to roll out an N.G.-branded collection anytime soon, however: "Each thing in its time. Today I dedicate myself to Louis Vuitton without forgetting that I have wishes, desires.” 

And Ghesquière would want his hypothetical line to be wholly original, he adds. “If it’s to reproduce on a smaller scale what is done on a large scale, honestly, no, it’s not interesting. And that’s not at all the way that I one day envisage launching myself, especially having experienced the biggest existing model.” We can't say that we blame him; six collections a year seems like more than enough to keep someone occupied. Plus, on the hobbies front, there's his Star Wars fandom to keep up with.