How to Immediately Add Texture to Your Hair


If hairstylists had the eqivalent of Windex, it would be Living Proof's Texture Mist"Just put a little Texture Mist on it" is the new "Spray some Windex on it," used to fix just about everything. Backstage at Tess Giberson's spring 2015 show, this was the only product deployed to create the model's disheveled ponytails.

Here's how it works: Magnetic texturizers in the formula encourage texture, separation, and definition of your strands of hair. That texture works to create all manner of straight, windblown, beachy, bouncy, curly, and wavy hair. Spray it in the hair and gently scrunch, straighten, or blow-dry it to give it some heft. Despite how liberally you use it, the mist won't leave your locks feeling stiff (it does feel a tad tacky, but not sticky), so you can keep spraying and spraying.

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist, $26 at