Lindsay Lohan’s Fashion App Has Hit a Snag

Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan has been at work on a fashion app with the oh-so-catchy title of Vigme, something that you might not have known until reading the New York Post's report this morning. You see, Lohan and her brother were developing a virtual-closet application, but are now being sued by the creator of a rival app, the equally catchily titled Spotted Friend. Fima Potik, that app's creator, alleges that Vigme is a "virtual clone" of Spotted Friend. (Both Lohans became equity members of Potik's company last year, and were thus privy to his trade secrets.) A court order has been issued to prevent the siblings from going forward with their app for now. The Lohans' lawyer maintains that Potik is an "inept plagiarizer," adding with a dramatic flourish: "Fima’s days of being a celebrity-leech are over.” Sounds like the tagline for a Lindsay Lohan movie.