The 50 Most Adored Men in America

Photo: Courtesy of Business Insider

Lulu, the online rating program that analyzes the bros of America, uses crowd-provided information from women who know them on Facebook. After almost two years of existence, Lulu is ready to report on the most popular, beloved men across America.

Business Insider has published a geographic encyclopedia of the most popular dude in every state, along with his most defining hashtag. Lulu describes its males in hashtag format, so character insights appear as #smellsamazeballs. While no men received perfect scores on the company's scale of one to ten, two came close at 9.7 (in Illinois and Texas respectively).

The accompanying epithets for these men say more about the standards and desires of the women rating them than they do about bros. In certain locations, retro talents like “#opensdoors or #alwayspays prevailed. Other men won women over with unavailability, garnering the plea #pleasefuckmeiloveyou. The most popular hashtag for the most popular men rated by women was #man’sman. And in some places (Connecticut and North Carolina), it's enough just to be #notadick to qualify as the most beloved man in the state.