Bundle Up! 10 Unusual Ways to Layer This Winter


It's really hard to tell what the weather will bring these days. Seasons are haphazard. One day is cold as hell, the next balmy. The only way to deal with this problem: layers. We're not complaining, though, because layers are a great way to get creative with your outfits, since you can wear cozy knits and warm coats without feeling like you're overheating. But instead of piling on pieces haphazardly — and conjuring that moment in Friends when Joey wears all of Chandler's clothes — try layering a little bit more strategically. We looked into our own closets and, working with basic shapes and styles of clothing that most of us own, invented some chic ideas for how to bundle up. Whether it's tossing a patterned coat over a biker jacket for extra insulation or wearing a button-down over a turtleneck, click ahead for ten ways to master winter layering. 

Photographer: Matthew Tammaro, Styling by Diana Tsui, Makeup by Misha Shazada using Chanel, Hair by Ayumi Yamamoto at De Facto using Kerastase, Models: Masha Shakurova (W360), Alisa Obrivanova (Elite), Photo Editor: Emily Shornick, Photo Assistant: Van Robinson, Fashion Assistant: Lori Keong.