Buzz Bissinger Is eBaying His Sensuous Leathers

Photo: Clint Spaulding/Patrick McMullan

Do you love leather and long-form narrative journalism equally? Here's some great news geared toward your weirdly specific preferences. At long last, you can purchase items from Gucci enthusiast Buzz Bissinger's squeaky, creaky leather-filled wardrobe; he's put up an assortment of about 150 items on eBay. Bissinger tells GQ that he used a service called LuxeSwap: "They asked how much I had. I told them to bring a U-Haul van. It was pretty much filled by the end."

While only two items — a pair of "SMOKING HOT Miu Miu by Prada" stilettos and some kitten-heeled Louboutin boots — are up so far, the shop will be adding new merch every Thursday. Bissinger estimates that the most expensive item retailed for $20,000; "Most [were] never worn outside," he told Newsweek. But his love affair with the big G is far from over; he adds, "I did keep virtually all of the Gucci items I wrote about in GQ."