Kanye Spent $74,000 on North’s Christmas Gifts

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

What do you get for the tiny famous child who has everything? A Chanel bag? Some custom Balmain? A trip to Paris? Oh, how embarrassing, North West already has these things. Luckily, father Kanye has figured out the perfect unique gifts to bestow upon his cherished 18-month-old. The Daily Mail reports that North will receive a $62,000 diamond tiara and a North-size matte-black SUV to match Daddy’s whip.

It may seem extravagant, but for the West family, this is actually a picture of holiday restraint and moderation. He could have gotten her an island, or a full-size matte-black SUV, or a Personal Bottle Holder, but Kim has gone on record saying she will never spoil North — she will “work for what she wants.”