What Will Happen If Kate Middleton and Beyoncé Meet

Photo: Getty Images

In advance of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three-day trip to New York, the New York Post has outlined the couple's schedule in great detail. They arrive Sunday and are expected to hobnob, rub elbows, wine/dine, and gala-hop for the duration of their stay. Great photo ops, typical stuff. But here’s an appointment of note:

On Monday night, Will and Kate are expected to meet with NYC’s own royal couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé, at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to launch a collaboration between the NBA and William’s foundation, United for Wildlife, which supports conservation in Africa.

This is such important news: Britain’s Royal Couple will meet hip-hop’s First Couple. Duchess Kate Middleton will meet Queen B. KMid and Bey. Their new couple name: KBae.  

Some possible effects of this rare and special supernova: 

• There will probably be some confusion as to who should actually bow down first. They might bow down at the same time and bump heads, which would be adorable.

• When they shake hands, there will be some sort of Captain Planet–like effect. Their joined limbs will emit a light so pure, so powerful it will wipe out mankind so that only KBae remains to repopulate the Earth.

• The combined glow of their radiant, flawless skin will blind anyone within a six-mile radius. 

• They will hug each other warmly and the world will implode because it is not equipped to handle that much power.

• Most likely, they will arrange a future playdate for their respective power offspring, Blue Ivy and Prince George, the photos of which will actually melt the internet and finish the job Kim Kardashian’s ass couldn’t.