Pot Yoga Sounds More Fun Than Hot Yoga

Photo: Getty Images

There are pitfalls to most yoga trends: Hot yoga is too hot, naked yoga is too traumatic, power yoga is too bro. But the latest yoga trendlet to emerge sounds quite promising. In San Francisco (of course), a yoga studio is now offering cannabis-enhanced Ganja Yoga

Before commencing the standard vinyasa flows, instructor Dee Dussault leads her students in this new pose we like to call “Wake and Bake”: a complimentary 15-minute smoke session in a candlelit, tranquil environment meant to allow students to “enjoy trippy relaxation, pain-relief, sensuality, and the cultivation of inner peace.” While there are a few studies about the benefits of marijuana usage during yoga practice, one can assume weed helps would-be yogis reach their highest state of consciousness. Like, just, so high.