Riccardo Tisci Was Goth Long Before It Was Cool, Okay?

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

"The Goth Samaritan." That's the Financial Times' new moniker for Riccardo Tisci, and it's a fitting one. Like a jaded tenth-grader looking back on his freshman days, the Givenchy designer told the paper, Tom Ford was doing sexy and glam, and I was doing goth. I was very dark. And the press killed me. It’s OK. The same people that hated me then . . . After six years, they came.”

We get it, Riccardo; you've always been a true lord of darkness. Now celebrating his ten-year anniversary with the house, Tisci says it wasn't always foam-and-diamond parties in Ibiza. "I had to cross the street to use the public photocopier because there wasn’t a working one in the Givenchy studio. We didn’t have the money," he recalls. Somehow, we think his current existence involves little to no xeroxing.