The Sexiest Dresses of All Time


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There are sexy dresses, and then there are SuperSexy dresses. Dangerous, shocking, and attention-grabbing, SuperSexy dresses are the overachievers in the class. While a standard flattering dress might showcase one of the wearer’s best assets, the SuperSexy dress turns it up a million notches and displays them all, deploying sheer panels, cutouts, bedazzlements, plunging necklines — whatever it takes. Tom Ford is a master of the SuperSexy aesthetic — from his years at Gucci, where models routinely sported ultradeep V-necks and strategically placed cutouts, to his more recent hits, like the notorious nipple-pasty dress.

From Princess Diana’s daring “revenge dress” to Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” stunner, we’ve compiled the sexiest dresses from (recent) history. Click through the slideshow to enter a world where pelvic-high slits, skintight sheaths, and cleavages front and rear are the norm and double-sided tape performs Herculean feats of adhesion.