1 Out of Every 5 Luxury Bags Sold Is a Man-Bag

Photo: Kevin Tachman

From Burberry's larger-than-life fringed totes (above) to Bottega Veneta's hip-slung carriers, innovative bags were all over the men's runways this season. They were shown in response to what seems to be an ever-increasing demand: Quartz reports that based on a Euromonitor study, men now spend about $6 billion per year on high-end bags, with 5.9 million being sold in 2014. (Contrast that with the 25.6 million luxe women's bags sold during that time period.) Men are also spending more per bag, in part because factors like the rising price of leather have made them more expensive to produce. So go ahead, splash out on that Thom Browne whale bag — all the other guys are doing it.